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Ty Robbins

Giuseppe Zangara

Ty is delighted to be making his Rivertown debut with such a knockout Sondheim hit. Hailing from New Orleans he has relocated back to the crescent city as a first-year graduate actor at the University of New Orleans. Ty holds a BFA in Acting from Oklahoma City University. He is a vocalist at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lakeview. Ty most recently has found work both on the stage and in theme parks. Credits: Walt Disney Entertainment, Cedar Fair Entertainment, The View UpStairs (Patrick), The School for Lies (Oronte), Songs for a New World (Man 2), Measure for Measure (Provost; u/s), Enron (Skilling; u/s). He is thankful to director Gary Rucker and music director Jennifer DeLatte for their warmth during this collaborative venture. Ty hopes those in attendance enjoy and that the performance honors the late work of Stephen Sondheim. (Instagram @big.blondelishous)

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