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Mitchell Kogan

Sheldon Plankton

Mitchell Kogan is thrilled to return to the Rivertown stage for "SpongeBob!" By day, he is a public servant working as a municipal planner for St. Tammany Parish. Credits include a variety of shows in the River parishes (Destrehan High School, St. John Theater, River Region Drama Guild, Rivertown Theaters) including Oklahoma (Ali Hakim), Forum (Pseudolus), South Pacific (Emile De Beque), The Addams Family (Mal), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Freddy Benson), Spelling Bee (Chip Tolentino), Elf: The Musical (Buddy the Elf), and Forum (Miles Gloriosus). Mitchell would like to thank his family, friends, and beautiful girlfriend Morgan for their continuous love and support of him within this craft.

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