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Beau Bradley Coddou


Beau is a 11 year old from Thibodaux, LA that has a true passion for acting, creating, and singing. He is represented by Kathy Bridges with Bridges Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California. He attends weekly acting classes at Creating U in Metairie, LA and vocal training with DJ Rhodes in Thibodaux, LA. Beau’s first opportunity for the stage was in 2020 in the play DAMN YANKEES produced by Lorna and Company and directed by Dane Rhodes. Since then he has worked with various directors and production companies like A. Good Productions, Rhodes & Rhodes, Thibodaux Playhouse, and Lorna and Company. He played the roles of Charlie in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Lord Farquaad in Shrek, Jr., the Teen Angel and Kenickie in Grease School Edition, Pugsley in the Addams Family, Oliver in Oliver, and his most recent role as Wadsworth in Clue. Aside from his time spent acting and singing, Beau attends St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Thibodaux, LA and loves everything about science. Beau told his parents that if he was casted for the role of Ralphie that this would be the best Christmas ever! Beau is so excited to play Ralphie in A Christmas Story and knows that this will be the best Christmas ever and one that he will never forget.

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