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Friends of the Rivertown Theaters


Our mission is two-fold:

1: To give New Orleans area children the opportunity to attend and participate in high-quality theatrical productions with the goal of inspiring self-confidence, individual expression, and teamwork. 

2: To improve, maintain, and raise awareness of the City of Kenner’s Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts.  This ensures the buildings are well equipped to continue serving the Greater New Orleans area as an outlet for quality family theatrical entertainment, as well as creating the opportunity for community families to learn about and participate in enriching theatrical experiences.


The Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts consists of the two buildings located at 325 Minor St, and 401 Lloyd Price in Kenner, LA, as well as the courtyard between them.  Kenner's Rivertown area has been designated as a historical district, and these public buildings and property are owned by the City of Kenner. The Rivertown Theaters are intended to be used to present theatrical productions to the Kenner community as well as the Greater New Orleans area.  The City of Kenner has contracted with a private company who manages these buildings and produces theatrical stage productions.  Although both the City of Kenner and the management company continue to invest in the buildings, the buildings are extremely old and there is an ever-growing list of necessary renovations, maintenance and theatrical equipment that are required to properly produce theatrical productions year-round.

​Therefore, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization ‘Friends of the Rivertown Theaters’ was formed with the purpose of raising funds to: continue to give children the opportunity to attend and participate in theatrical productions, purchase necessary theatrical equipment, maintain that equipment, pay for utilities and building renovations necessary to keep the buildings operational, beautification of the property, raising community awareness of the existence of the theaters and Kenner's Rivertown district.


Friends of the Rivertown Theaters currently produces children’s theatre productions each year, involving hundreds of children and thousands of audience members.  The organization also raises funds and awareness by selling tickets for its children’s shows, holding fundraising events at the theater, soliciting donations and sponsorships, and selling donated merchandise at events taking place at the theaters.

The organization also produces a yearly fundraiser called 'Raise Your Voice' where kids get to help kids.  Talented young performers gather each year to create a show and perform some of their favorite songs to benefit a local children's charity.  They rehearse for weeks led by a student director and choreographer under the guidance of local professionals.  Through ticket sales and donations, performances have raised over $50,000 to date for local children's charities such as Covenant House, Henry Aucoin Foundation, Angel's Place, and The Good Shepherd School.



Funds raised by Friends of the Rivertown Theaters are used to present more children's theatrical productions, give Greater New Orleans children the opportunity to attend and participate in theatrical productions through discounted/free admission or summer camp scholarships, maintenance and renovations of the city-owned public buildings, and purchasing / maintaining theatrical equipment, thereby lessening the burdens of the city government.  Any equipment purchases become the public property of the City of Kenner.  Funds will also be used to offer scholarship opportunities for children in the community to participate in theater summer camps.


Friends of the Rivertown Theaters is a non-profit philanthropic or charitable 501(c)(3) organization, and is considered a ‘public charity’ organization under the IRC 509(a)(2) exclusion, which is generally available for organizations that receive few gifts or grants, but which normally receive their support from fees for services such as admissions or sales of material supporting their exempt function.  Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170, and Friends of the Rivertown Theaters may receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

EIN: 47-1293534

NTEE CODE: S11  (Community Improvement & Capacity Building, Single Organization Support)

Organizations existing as a fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Community Improvement & Capacity Building major group area.

NAICS CODE: 813219

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