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Rivertown Theaters - Kenner, LA

A dark, comedic journey through American history's infamous assassins
set to the tune of Stephen Sondheim's intriguing melodies.

October 20 - November 5, 2023


Directed by: Gary Rucker

Mainstage, Run time: ~2 hrs, Rated: PG-13

A thought-provoking and darkly comedic exploration of the American dream and the unsettling allure of infamy. This Tony Award-winning show brings together a chilling cast of historical figures, including John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, and other infamous assassins, as they converge in a haunting carnival-like setting. Through a masterful blend of music and lyrics, "Assassins" delves into the minds of these individuals, examining their motivations and the twisted logic that led them to commit their heinous acts. With its powerful themes, gripping storytelling, and bold staging, "Assassins" challenges audiences to confront the complexities of violence, celebrity, and the human condition.

Performance Schedule:
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